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WinterBeach are a Norwegian darkwave synthpop band whose orchestral songs combine melancholic Nordic EDM with majestic pop refrains about monumental struggles. Their expansive and icily cinematic soundscapes are as extreme as the weather in Bergen.


"We are mercilessly excited, thinking and hoping that the band will make their big leap into the hearts of music lovers. Come on, listen and marvel." – Dark Life Experience


WinterBeach are Tiam on vocals, Baz on drums and Angel on keyboards. All three grew up in Bergen, Norway and met in primary school, when their early musical heroes included Gene Simmons, Blackie Lawless and Morten Harket. The trio forged their separate paths through a progression of black metal bands, Eurodisco projects and synthesizer wizardry, some of which achieved not inconsiderable international success, before realizing that they ought to combine their disparate influences. The combination of their varied backgrounds ended up sounding something like Muse without guitars, Depeche Mode with pop refrains and Keane after electroshock treatment.


“WinterBeach takes your hand for that emotional journey of a new-wave horizon. Depeche Mode, A-ha, Falco, Alphaville – all come down to the battle lines.” – Come Here Floyd


WinterBeach toured extensively in the UK, Europe and China as their previous incarnation Flare. Trying to keep costs to an absolute minimum, they drove and lived in a cramped Toyota Hiace trapped between amplifiers, guitars and bits of drum kit. Their brilliant contribution to the Universal Handbook Of Touring was to create fake residential addresses in all the tour cities so that they could get free trial subscriptions to local gyms. Shower, sauna and swimming make for cleaner touring.


Russian Aeroflot offered the decidedly cheapest flight tickets to China on outdated Cold War era Tupolevs with dismantled emergency exits, loose seats and floors you could almost see through. Having made it to China, the owner of the hotel was so taken by the handsome Vikings that he offered them a gig with the help of gestures and miming. The “gig” was a giant concert broadcast live on Chinese TV together with some of the biggest Chinese pop stars and fashion models.


And then they had to come back to Norway to make more music. On a Tupolev, of course. No sauna. No Showers. Just dark, icy synthpop, perfect for fans of Depeche Mode, Suede, A-ha, Pet Shop Boys, Muse, White Lies, Nordic pop, 80’ies pop, Brit pop and Nordic EDM.


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