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"Dark Minds” is the first EP from Norwegian indie-synth-pop trio; WinterBeach. This is a collection of powerful and memorable songs, each beautifully constructed, each with their own distinctively anthemic chorus.

es created by them.

"Opener and title track “Dark Minds” is a dreamy dark pop-song and a cleverly crafted paean to the fragility of the human mind, with sweeping melodies, complex live drums and heavy synths that instantly hook...."

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"Bergen (Norway) based band WinterBeach brings synth-driven mindset and takes your hand for that emotional journey of a new-wave horizon.

Built on the distinct series of singles that formulate out of the minds of Tiam (vocals), Baz (drums) and Angel (synthesizers), the trio derives energies that put anthemic song constructions against delicate for memorable lyrical exercises...."

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